"Shades Of Grey" lyrics - OVERKILL

"Shades Of Grey"

I watch the smoke drift, from my cigarette
I hear the roaches cross the floor
Slam dance around me, in my chair I sit
The grey's leakin' through the door
There's a shade of grey! I've never seen before...

My gaze fixed on, the space beneath the door
My life flash. before my eyes...
All this sweat grew from one solitary drop
Grey's movin' cross the floor

We walk alone, no one beside us!
It's never simple as black or white
We should have known, no one would find us!
That we would all wind up in
Shades of grey...

"It seems like everytime I get a chance... is quite naked
And as I turn around, as I turn around... and
Inside there's no doubt its gonna happen again"

Nobody listenin', so I talk to myself
Sometimes I pay me no... mind...
I lost this argument, so very long ago...
The right words were so hard to find...
I can't breathe in the grey!
An' I can't find the key to the door...