"A Wayfarer's Tale" lyrics - PENANCE

"A Wayfarer's Tale"

Hear me now, my tale to be told
Of dreams of greed and sins of old
The tide breaks calm and closes in
The sails catch wind my tale begins...

Journey out to sea, Lust and greed follow me
Ride the path to shame, Winds of deceit call my name

Shipwreck of centuries old, Festival of long dead gold
Innocents not long on life, But long to die for my pleasure

Ahead lies the monstrosity
Unveiled in glory for me to see
So sad a fate so many should die
But no more deserved for one such as I

Footstep through the dread, Torn limbs and flesh now shred
Gather together the jewels, From this ship of fools

More lost souls rise from the depths of the sea
And surround me on the shore
"Gamble your soul for this chest of gold
Or dwell with us now and forever more"

I grab for life, a run for gold
The wind's with me, the sails take hold

I am the man, Who cheated death
With new found wealth, and tainted breath

I hear the limbs scrape below
Life breaks surface with death in tow
And now I've learned too late to see
I dwell below for now and eternity