"The Unseen" lyrics - PENANCE

"The Unseen"

Do you believe in me; I don't think you can
A mind too small to see, through the obvious...

Unperiled extremes of inner fright
Blocked from view of unborn sight
Of things not whole and yet complete
Of all things that are seen and unseen

You mock you stand so tall; where is the need
You beg; You lose; You crawl, Once it hits the

Hour of darkness falls upon you now
It's time to believe somehow
The voice of anguish closes in
If I'd have listened, I might never have been

Vile misconceptions
Prey upon your thoughts of corruption
See it stand so tall

Blatant and unforgiving
Is what you are

Faith in the darkness
Alone I stand, in mind
Can't turn back time

Your world; Your Dreams; Your life, all for nothing...

But there is joy and peace to be
Splendour built in harmony
I can't live my life to what's been
I dream alone in thoughts of the unseen