"Getting Saved" lyrics - PORTASTATIC

"Getting Saved"

It was my birthday and miserable
So I decided to freak you out
To see if there's a limit on love
When you discover what that promise is really all about

Now I have filthy thoughts about you
I hope you have the same for me when I'm gone
I never thought you'd really be the one to leave
But if that ain't your old
Steamer truck sitting out on the lawn

Oh is it packed full of your seasons
Your patterns and your white pants
And maybe way down in one corner, in a blindfold
Undeveloped afternoons of film we'll never print

Oh but it's too hot out to fight
So I'll just watch that uniformed mustache help you on board
And I'll look forward to your call from the next town
Saying "Retrieve me, Honey. But I'm not sorry, I'm just bored"

From the outside, it's a game
Where we come from, it's a map
That leads to buggy beaches and balconys
And dugout benches or any place I can
Lay my head down in your lap

Oh but I'm not looking for peace
No that's so unnatural
Well maybe just some little space and borrowed time
At dusk when you remind me
You're still, you're still my girl

I need no banners on the wind
No I don't need it written in the sky
No I don't need your sincere proclamations
Just some refuge from a world
That takes way more than one eye for an eye

Some folks, they have a lot to offer
But I don't believe anyone's getting saved
So that leaves a lot of time for thinkin'
Sleepin', dreamin' of the blindfold that you promised on
My last miserable birthday
Yeah my birthday