"King Pinz" lyrics - RAEKWON

"King Pinz"

[Intro: Raekwon]
Being's that it's gettin' ready to go
Yo, you know that sound? Yeah, some bad from here
Yeah, this real right here, I'm back, boy
I'm back... that's my word, it's goin' down, man
Watch my voice man
Different from other cat's voices, man, remember that, man
Different flows, man

Aiyo, lace these niggas with fire fire
You been away for a minute, heard your style got flyer
Yo, hold on, the sword got heavy, Universal caught on
Now its time to take over the melody
Plus stand firm, Staten Island kingpins
Ink pens go to work, and I got ninjas who speak French
My flow, God, build for sevens and fives, straight up big shits
Sprewell wheels, kids with bee hives, I'm old school
Got a old tool, plus rollin' with the old crew
Richer than The Jackson 5
I kill for money, rap ain't nothing
I'm a real estate slave, chump, and I got some money in Vibe
Read the news, now, Chef coming for you, reviews gon' start poppin' up
You, crews start lockin' up
Yeah, think that I'm playin', I got
Two red assault rifles, ready for your wig, I'm sprayin' shit

[Interlude: Raekwon]
Uh, uh, exclusive boy
Let's do it to them, aiyo

Aiyo, flashin' in a robe from England
Heavyweight slap gannon king, and I do the raft thing, blaze niggas
Forty acres of land, eleven guns, Moore soft leathers
Why we keep rappin' in the slums?
Hibernate with big hammers, elephants hands
The Fila shits, support Ralley's, robbin' in Sam's
Tell the media we generation money
Both hands is clusty, but I rather be in Russia spendin' trust money
Feel the sleeves? Thats ostrich
Mutiple v's, my own company, with forty eight mobsters, yo
Rob niggas on the hurry, get busy, pull out them tranquilizer guns
Bye sleepy head, get jiggy
For all the regulator soldier, I demonstrate the lifestyle
Of gettin' knifed down, I might pop you over
Come up, try soldier
Civilize your whole life, fast, ya'll ain't fly, rover
Don't test me, pa, you're playin' with death
What you think they call the kid Chef for, I poison up vets

[Interlude: Raekwon]
And I told you baby, it's goin' down
Word up, you know how we give it to 'em
Word up, what's the deal, though, nigga
Word up, one, aiyo

Aiyo, I said it, I meant it, I lived it
The legend rep, for all real niggas, on the set, don't ever go against him
Live for the action, a warrior
Wu taught me that, though
Now I go for self, Van Glorium
I've been carryin' on cats, I'm like Hitler on diesel
Execute them Purple Tape thieves, yo
Ya'll niggas ain't nothin', I've been on
I told ya'll what I wanna do
Watch me get the glow, when I get on