"Still Killin'" lyrics - RAEKWON

"Still Killin'"

[Intro [?]]
K Slay don't want me out here
They don't want you out here dog
His mother fucking face long
K Slay, New York City
Holler at your god damn boy
We don't rock no mother fucking ice baby
We rock this real shit dog
And [?]
Some fuck with it
Its going down

[Verse: Raekwon]
The elevator with the crib
Bling with it kid
I built one in the Bill Clintons
Mills was spent, still don
Still [?], still yacht flying
Still kill a bitch
Still kill a flick
The fifth out, don't even breathe
Out in Ghana with the ill thieves
Slick hammers, we all fam
Pull out the four, pop the chump
See the luxury mall
The casket leather, the python seats velour
Flash back
He in them Benz lenses
Acting like he did ten sentences
Something ain't real
We go excited, parked the truck
Just leaned a light and twist a blunt
Sat back son, [?]
This money on it
And to them young niggas strong on it
Devour the snitches
You got on, you born with it
Make a toast for ours
For all the money and powers
The right division
Don't ever let corns get it