"I'll Go On" lyrics - REBA MCENTIRE

"I'll Go On"

You were everything and that's what I gave you
But you don't love me and I don't hate you
Well maybe I did, but just for a minute
Cause you wanted me to live life without you in it
But I forgave you
Oh I hope you know it's true
And I don't blame you
For not feeling like I do

I'm pretty sure it's not the end of the world tonight
Even though down deep in my soul it feels like it might
I'm pretty sure I'll wake up tomorrow still breaking inside
And I'll go on missing you, I'll go on wanting you
I'll go on without you, I'll go on

I'll carry what's left of us with me always
Remember last summer, those were the good days
I wouldn't trade them, not to hurt now
If I could've told myself not to love you somehow
I'd still love you, I hope you know it's true
But letting go of you is so much harder to do


I'll go on
So, go on, go on