REBA MCENTIRE lyrics - More Than Just Her Last Name

"More Than Just Her Last Name"

Pressed between the pages
There's a flower that remembers who she was
When she said, "I do" she did
But these days, she wonders if she does
She wouldn't trade it but she misses life before she was a misses
In a studio apartment week to week
She left tired [?] on a wall in Oklahoma
Naive enough to think that she could be more than just her last name

The house, the car, the trust fund
More than just a Christmas party plus one
More than just a trophy walking on a treadmill
That mind of her own is barely in her head still
She never thought she'd change
More than just her last name

He promised her the moon
But no one told her what the moon was gonna cost
The slipper and the dress still fit
But somewhere in the story, she got lost
Sometimes the fairy tale it doesn't end so very well
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
Everybody wants to be her, they look but they don't see her
When she became his wife she thought she'd found
More than just her last name


Sometimes picture perfect is so perfect that it hurts
Getting what you want is both a blessing and a curse
Oh she don't wanna leave, she just wants to be worth
More than just her last name
Oh, more than just her last name
Oh, more than just her last name