"Free Drinks" lyrics - RINGO STARR

"Free Drinks"

Monday is here and I'm feeling no pain
Easy jet ticket to take me to spain
Captain get your foot down
In two hours I'll be there

Tuesday in love with a girl I don't know
Lost her that night in a disco
I don't care...lovers are everywhere

Good day... for nothing at all
Bad day... for taking a fall
Holiday... don't bother to call
Free drinks for one and for all
Free drinks

Wednesday I'm shopping in juan les pins
Dressed to the nines and I'm dancing in cannes
Can you stay with me in saint-tropez?

Thursday a suite at saint paul's colombe d'or
Chagalls on the walls and her dress on the floor
A kiss goodbye... it's time for me to fly


Friday I sleep... I'm not sure where I am
Saturday, saturday first class on american
To L.A.
But only for one day
Now it's sunday