"Hopeless" lyrics - RINGO STARR

(Joe Walsh and Richard Starkey)

When i woke up this morning,
Much to my surprise,
The sun was going down
And i was still alive.

I looked into the mirror
And according to my eyes,
The martians have invaded,
It's hopeless.

I went to see my doctor
To ask him what to do
Depending on the diagnosis.

I said, "doc, i'm seeing double,
And how are both of you?"
No cause for alarm, it's hopeless.

You don't stand a chance, it's hopeless.
Ev'rybody dance!

Well, there's paradise and doomsday,
It depends on which comes first.
There's inner peace through meditation.

There's optimists and pessimists,
I don't know which is worse,
But the yogi mow mow, but the yogi mow mow,
It's hopeless.

The solution has been dissolved,
The crisis has been resolved.
There's no need to change your plans,
It's a hopeless situation.

For tomorrow is another day,
And ev'rything will be okay.
And by the way, it's hopeless.