"Mad At A Girl" lyrics - ROBBIE FULKS

"Mad At A Girl"

Well the downtown whores are calling my name, but I'm just walking blind
Yeah the weak and the poor struggle to claim my uncaring mind
These woes of mortal men, these worthless things of the world
Well I don't care and I won't pretend 'cause tonight I'm mad at a girl

Every stranger's face seems like it holds more than it reveals
Every street I pace sparkles with gold, but that's not how it feels
I stand on the river's rim, but I'm not searching for pearls
Just finding a hole as deep as I'm in, 'cause tonight I'm mad at a girl

No, I don't need a close friend's ear, that gut spilling stuff is for squares
And I never go around mirrors, I don't wanna see someone that cares

I've gone miles dodging the blame, torn these soles apart
I've raked my nails over the name that I wear on my heart
And I've swallowed pride enough to make my stomach curl
Yeah tomorrow I'll be begging for love, but tonight I'm mad at a girl