"Real Money" lyrics - ROBBIE FULKS

"Real Money"

Daddy's got a friend in Macon
The governor calls him "sir"
Me and Faylynn's like family
He'd do anything for her
Shaved slick and spit-shined Daddy's gone in to town
The pool's empty at the motel
I hate to see the sun go down

A snuggle-bear and a toothbrush, some shirts in a paper sack
A tube of Mama's red lipstick hidden in the crackerjacks
I been in the backseat all day long dreaming 'bout the land of kings
Tall mansions in the Georgia pines, the rustle of a black crow's wings

Real money
Green and gold, all God's promises your arms can hold
Real money
Chariots no horse can pull, a big black Pontiac car trunk full
Real money
Little sister hide your pain, the clouds gonna crack and the sky's gonna rain
Real money

It's dark all around the world and I'm the only soul in bed
Just like oil through a funnel the pictures filling' up my head
Now I'm gatherin' the blankets just to keep out the sound
Some kinda ruckus in the Safeway lot, Daddy's with a friend downtown...

And there's Mama all awash with light reachin' out her hand to mine
Blink once and it's high beams cuttin' through the paper blinds
Faylynn's crouched on the floorboard Daddy's walkin' kind of strange
Sayin', "Son take a long hard look, you can't tell when it all might change"

Real money...

Ours by law, suckin' it up through a drugstore straw
Real money
Hard times, they're done - hold on Mexico here we come
Everybody that done us right sure be glad that they did tonight
A little for the lame, a little for the poor
Sweet Jesus ain't working no more
Faylynn baby don't you cry
Daddy said every living thing must die