"Can't Stop Me Now" lyrics - ROD STEWART

"Can't Stop Me Now"

Oh yeah
I stood up straight and sang
For the record company man
My enthusiasm filled the room

I was young and I was keen
With the devil in my stream
As I hollered out an old blues tune

We can't sign you son
'Cause you don't fit in the mould
With your hair and your nose and your clothes
I should thank you gentlemen
For this opportunity
Now move on down the road

I remember how I used to say

They can't stop me now
The world is waiting
It's my turn to stand out in the crowd
They can't stop me now
The tide is turning
I'm gonna make you proud
So proud
So proud

Well if nothing it was tough
But I couldn't get enough
Of this rhythm and blues I crave

I was singing in the parks
Singing in the clubs
Then along came Maggie May

All the things he said to me
And all the things I heard
I had a point to prove
Oh yeah

I will climb this mountain
With this god given gift
If it's the last thing that I do

And I remember thinking

[Chorus 2x]

Born to ramble
Born to sing
In a new world of rock n roll
One man in particular
Filled my heart with pride
And light up my soul
Oh yeah

Thanks for the faith
Thanks for the patience
Thanks for the helping hand
Thanks for the love
Thanks for the guidance
Thanks for the tartan pride

[Chorus 3x]