"Make Love To Me Tonight" lyrics - ROD STEWART

"Make Love To Me Tonight"

When I see you standing there when I come home from work
My whole heart just skips a beat and I become a flirt
We've been together many years and my love for you still grows
But the dark clouds are gathering and our future is unknown

Oh my little darling we're gonna face hard times
But right now I got one thing on my mind

Make love to me tonight like there's no tomorrow
You and only you can drive away my sorrow
Hold me in your lovely arms, never let me go
Wear that sexy lingerie turn the lamp down low
My my we'll work it out I know that we'll get through
I may be down but I'm not out as long as I got you

This job of mine is on the line 'cause the batter is about to close
You feel the pinch of hardship when the winter winds blow
I would've borrowed from the bank but I don't think they're listening
Foreclosures are as common as a lying politician

Oh my little darling you're the rock on which I stand
You're my strength and wisdom, the soul behind a man