"Funky And The Farm-Boy" lyrics - RODNEY CROWELL

"Funky And The Farm-Boy"

Funky got charm Funky got wit
Funky got funky Funky got grit
Funky got sparkle funky got shine
Funky got farm boy thinkin' she's mine

She got tattoo hugging her hip-bone yall
Barefoot Jerry making them headphones squall
Black mascara framin them big green eyes
Funky got farm boy long about hypnoitized

Funky bout sweet funky bout low
Funky bout hustle funky bout flow
Funky bout Memphis Funky bout Trains
Funky Bout Farm Boy takin' them reins

Platform flip flop's making them legs look good
Close crop tank top destined for Hollywood
Hip chick lipstick flaming like red tail light
Funky got farm boy bringing it home tonight

Funky bout style funky bout class
Funky bout street ya'll funky bout sass
Funky bout long Funky bout lean
Funky bout farm boy slinging that green

No tell motel screaming like day-glow paint
Bonsoir boudoir making Versaille look quaint
Cartoon full moon shinin like a disco ball
Funky got farm boy walkin' round ten feet tall
Funky got farm boy walkin' round ten feet tall