"Moving Work Of Art" lyrics - RODNEY CROWELL

"Moving Work Of Art"

Time is jammed and flying fast
Breaks the bed and the pots hold rough
I'm out here running from the past
What we had was not enough

And she just touched down in Hollywood
And her friends all say she's looking good
I saw it coming from the start
She's a moving work of art

The night is thick and the moon rings red
And the stars are out of place
My mind is liquid in my head
Beneath the waves I see her face

Then she pulls herself some tall coin gown
Turning heads out there in tinsel town
She's so cool, it breaks your heart
She's a moving work of art

Who we were and what we had
Keeps me guessing to this day
It's enough to drive you mad
She's a million miles away

Bet she's out there thinking on her feet
Making passes through [Incomprehensible] complete
She's as smooth as she is smart
She's a moving work of art
You see how she sets herself apart
She's a moving work of art