RODNEY CROWELL lyrics - I'm A Mess

"I'm A Mess"

Once in a while, I can feel the whole world spinning.
My hair twist in the wind. I can't find the brake.
The clock on the dashboard is coiled like a snake.
There's years flying by me and a wide open cliff,
On wheels made of lightning, just barely a blip
If there's room at the top for a loser, look out.
The radio's blasting a mean twist and shout.

I'm a mess.

At times like these a man should take a blind-fold and smoke.

Take a walk
Take a drive
Take a kneel
Take a dive
Take a month
Take a year
Take a hike

Take it on faith - whatever you get.
You just close your eyes, it won't hurt a bit.
The firing squad's gathered, the capitan grins.
All the change in my pocket won't pay for my sins.

I'm a mess.

When I woke up, they'd strapped me in an MRI.
Black dye in my veins, head Velcroed down
Foam happy slippers and a blue paper grown
The banging went on for an hour or more.
Then they slipped me out like a boat onto shore.
The technician with coffee was sporting a smile
That said - God gave me wisdom, but the devil's got style

I'm a mess.
Nothing less
I confess
I'm a mess

Now I live in NY, the Babylon of Neon Fire
The rats on the third rail is smoking like char
The thunder storm hits and I flag down a car
On the screen in Times Square I look like a wreck
And we lunge out of traffic tricking down through the spec
The hooded girl turns and says 'look at who's alive'
I say - Boy, you can't scare me, just shut up and drive!

I'm a mess
Oh God yes,
I confess
I'm a mess

I'm a mess.