RODNEY CROWELL lyrics - Sister Oh Sister

"Sister Oh Sister"
feat. Rosanne Cash

Sister Oh Sister
I miss your shadow
I miss your shade
When I was afraid
You pulled me through

Sister big sister
You set the standard
You set the curve
You showed the nerve
When I needed you

Those old Pennebaker boys
Stop making all that noise
And you beat em to the dirt without blinking
My fists flew in the air
'Cause I knew that you'd be there
To grab em by the shirt without thinking

Sister Oh sister
The whole house in shambles
You stood straight as a bean
You made a whole team
Out of me and you

A time we stole a car
You tried to sneak me in a bar
When I was barely twelve and you were fourteen
Cross that parking lot expanse
On those oyster shells we dance
Whilst some cowboy watched you twistin'
Through the porch screen

Sister Oh sister
You been my sea wall
You been my blood
Your in my blood
I thank God for you