"Mackdaddy" lyrics - SAY ANYTHING


Last night I woke up in the evening just as the sun began to fall
Resolved to stroll down the street to your house just to show you I've got balls
But when I came upon your window I knew I'd come there far too late
Because someone beat me to you, and I guess you're happy
Because I recognize that smile from better days
But he put the moves on you
The rain just won't stop pouring since the day he put the moves on you
Now everyday is like a nightmare and at night in bed can't help but stay awake
It wasn't too long ago that I stood outside your window
Not some handsome boy I don't know
And when he's kissing you just like I always used to
I hope it kills you knowing what you did to me
He put the moves on you but you will break him too
The same as the last one