"Shameless" lyrics - SAY ANYTHING


Remember when you heard it, you didn't think about it
You opened up your ears and listened
Felt it smashing through the pretense, through scabs of inhibition
That the world stitched to your shoulder like a mission
It echoed like lips meeting and it fluctuated violently
Filled your heart and lungs up with redemption
Kind of like an ending but more like a beginning
And even though you're losing then you're winning
If you say oh
Remember this forever
All that matters is a song
Singing "I will be with you
Everywhere you go
Every little thing you do
Our love is here to stay
Even when the skies are gray
Even when I'm away
I'll be with you."
Now you're so much older, so mature and insecure
You've grown out of yourself and into something else
Oh you crazy rebel tell me is this what you want to be
Would it kill you to be shameless?
If you say oh
Just scream this in defiance from the bottom of your lungs
What ever happened to the rock in roll in your eyes?
Oh I know its somewhere in you underneath the veil of lies
Oh why do you hide them, your rock and roll eyes?
They're crazy
Eardrums are like elephants, they don't forget the things they hear
And veins still carry fragments of the things fed to your ear
Let me do the honors and welcome you back to mankind
Just turn on the stereo and unwind
It goes "I will always love you."
And as for taking it in stride...