"Fangless" lyrics - SLEATER-KINNEY


Sharp teeth in a broken jaw
Hungry, but I'll hunger on
And the hours I waste
While I fake a grace
That no one will ever see
And I practice tests
And a usefulness
That I no longer need

Did you forget we once saw you as a grand
A beast and a savior, a mountain, a man
Grew from a speck to be worshipped and crowned
Now you're flimsy and fangless, drooping and drowned

But I know that you made me
Sick for you like a rabid dog
And your lies rearranged me
Broke me down but I'm not undone

Clenched fist on a dangling arm
Fight's over, but I'll fight on
Where's the evidence
The scars, the dents
That I was ever here?
I've been reassigned
Put back in line
With the other disappeared


But I know that you claim me
I give in, I'm your ragged doll
You were born in a shout
But you will die in a silent skull

[Chorus & Verse 2 (simultaneous)]