"No Anthems" lyrics - SLEATER-KINNEY

"No Anthems"

I'm a low hiss telling you something's amiss
When you hear the sound
I'm the whisper I could do it better
When I look around
I'm desire itself beaming from the highest shelf
You should really look down
There is no roadblock that I couldn't unlock
I really get around

Seduction pure function
It's how I learned to speak
Steal your power in my hour
I will change most everything

I'm not the anthem
I once was an anthem
I sang the song of me, but now
There are no anthems
All I can hear is
The echo and the ring

I'm the sly one watching how to get it done
I don't say a word
In a slow dream planning out my next scheme
I lay my moves down
I'm the pool boy filling you with cool joy
In my melody
I will lay low figuring out the way to go
Behind the scenes


I want an anthem
A singular anthem
An answer and a force
To feel rhythm in silence
A weapon not violence
A power, power source