"Environmental Revolt" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Environmental Revolt"

We the people of this decimated planet called earth
For twenty years have reaped only still birth
My veins reflecting earth's rivers
Filled with poison life they cannot support

People of all races on this planet know economic crash
Will mean so much woe
Corporations in states of denial scream "our system's
Good pollution is not what it seems"
But like all revolution before the throng of justice
Will break down the door
People pleading reform are just the calm before the


Stand up for life of the future
Destroy the way that's ruined us
Bring environmental killers to trial
End their reign with a smile

Inventions coming onto the scene
Their effects on health remain to be seen
But once profit begins to flow
Corporate vultures seize the control

Once jobs and livelihood is on the line
They rope you into their clutches like swine
Revolutions gone down the drain
Work for them you're just a pawn in their game

Then they tell you cut back conserve
Our way can live if our rules you observe
But you know the whole system's decayed
To the corporate god our leaders have prayed


So you wonder what to do
Their elections offer no one to you
You arm yourself to destroy them
The thought of bloodshed leaves doubt


They endorse the death penalty but abortion is a crime

Drugs that make you happy are not to be used
But it's okay for profit to put poison in our food
A system for the futures death our governments the