"Life" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET


Life ever changing it's hidden reality
But then in a moment we see
Is this just a shadow
Of the spirit planes we've yet to see
Lord come soon for me
If I was once in heaven
Who cast me to this hell?
Am I a fallen angel, a coin in the
Bottom of a wishing well?
I know that life's a gift
A shadow of the spirit plane
But my flesh is weak and the
World would have my spirit break
Life is pure beauty
Through eyes we see
But the Kal force
Has power of flesh, lust and greed
The power to guide it
We can't control
We can be in it, but only through soul
Innocents born from heaven learn life's reality
Through choosing Christ's spirit we're free
If you can find heaven on this earthly plane
Your soul is mature, may fly home again
Your task is complete, your spirit now pure
Leave planet hell from satan's lure
But if you're still a prisoner
To the pleasures of your flesh
Relive this carnal death
Life everlasting though the body soon must cease
Through soul find eternal peace
Life isn't over though the body's met it's fate
Spirit burns, it's never too late
Life did you make it all it could be?
Fates warning was never heard
Though tongues of fire spoke his word
You were a fool