"Nihilism's Spell" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Nihilism's Spell"

From the time we are born we see we must die
Some fear the coming day praying to their deity
Some have philosophy, follow a path they've chose
Others just wait and see
Live their life in belief they're free

Will you stop? And look around, what's your truth?
That you have found?

Our celebration is decay, for is drugs is our way
Poison in our food we'll eat, chemicals to make it sweet
Why should we stop the celebration of decay we love
Our death soaked way
Out thirst for life fades by the day

What truth have you found?

We all live for the end
To face the truth our hopes send
Nihilism reigns supreme

Is there death after birth
Is man doomed to peace on earth
Perversion now holds sway
Lust for death guides our way

Why are we free to choose?
When in the end we all must lose
Free to see what life may bring
Yet death's pleasures reign as king