"Technocricide" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET


Seeking to amplify
Power in all senses
Man creates devices
That change relations of his world
In changing he fails to see
He's now become
A slave to devices
Who's charm he's succumbed
His bias altered now
From sense to sense

Sound or vision tested which reigns as best
And so he fails the test of unity
Integration of the whole creates awareness he shall see
Oh things that we've made, changing our lives
We've come so far, electric light
Measure the day, lengthen the night
We can make our war, without fight
In alphabet we've shifted sound to words we see
No more the sound of voices has effect on literacy
Our weapons are extensions of our nails and teeth
Are amplifiers of the rage that seethes
The photo makes museum obsolete
For treasures are now exposed
For all to view in complete
The phone has shrunk our world
Down to village size
To talk the neighbors
Who just don't see our eyes

We rule nature
A fragmented whole
Enlisted science, to take control
But where's our future
What lies in our hands
A technocracy, or integrated whole

Can we arrange a world
That's filled with harmony
Eliminate pollution
And keep our people free

Must life be calibrated
By technocontrol
Can freedom be maintained
By thinking of the whole

Our patriots will vanish
Like ghosts of the night
Unite the world as one
Will be our holy fight!