"What's Behind The Veils?" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"What's Behind The Veils?"

Twilight I greet you the beauty of the earth
I've watched in dominion witnessed life's birth
When sad your life ends
The tears you will see of all who lived here for an eternity

What lies behind the veils
What lies behind the veils
Don't you wish you knew
Is it hell awaits you or heaven that you drew

A judgment's now in order
Your fate beyond command
Your bill has now come
Due payment on demand

I read some books about it
Prepared as best I knew
But when I have to face it I don't know what I'll do

You must fear it also
What path have you chose

What's behind the veils when deaths cold wind blows
I spent my life deceiving those I thought I loved
I only cared for myself
I sent my loves away

I lusted for the women that were only whores
I enjoyed their pleasures while cursing me to hell