"Fishes And Scorpions" lyrics - STEPHEN STILLS

"Fishes And Scorpions"

Fishes and Scorpions
In the morning sun
Dance to the changing seasons
Get away with none, oh

Water sign in the air
Touch the earth with flame
See the friendly Sagittarian
Do you remember his name, oh

Lovers of lions
Stay away at feeding
Time is all the Taurus takes
Mimicking life in rhyme, oh

And can you tell me
What does it do for you girl?
And can you tell me
Who is that you knew girl?

In the shadow of starshine
Everyone's going blind
Lookout you don't lose your mind

I don't know if it's a fantasy
It don't mean too much to me
In the shadow of starshine
Everyone going blind

Gemini lady
Did you see me chasing you
I don't think I did
I only tried to get through