"Relaxing Town" lyrics - STEPHEN STILLS

"Relaxing Town"

Everybody wants to hear
The music in my head
The price I pay is too much
And I'm winding up in debt

So if you don't mind
I think I'm gonna stay home, right now
I am getting older now
I have no need to roam
I just need a good home

Everybody wants to know
Do I remember what I think?
About revolution, mind pollution
The kind of books I drink

After one last careful look around
I believe that I might like to settle down, alright
In a relaxing town

All we ever get to see are the rednecks
And the revolution crazies
Let's rent out soldier's field
And have Jerry Rubin versus Mayor Daley

For the benefit of peace admission is free
We can all stay home and watch it on TV
Call it the supersede