"Game On" lyrics - STEPHEN STILLS

"Game On"

Well I know I'm down with whatever it takes
Make peace and raise my hands
I don't know what you call all of this
It seems like a world wide trend
But I know it isn't about religion
It ain't nothing but you can keep position
The people just want to be left alone
Don't ever gonna understand
Get you game on

[Verse 2
Sometime the drama it just won't stop
It's one thing after another
And all of the begging on the world
Won't stick are everybody sisters and brothers
It seems like now you don't know how to act
It's some big way of another
But now just when you might want to step back
They call on what you may rather
Get your game on

And here's the time that can try them souls
You owe whatever you do
Please remember your history
Goes around when you forced to choose
But keep on talking keep on walking
In someone else's shoes
And then each other intend to go hard
Of the person that next to you
Get your game on