"Mr. Policeman" lyrics - STEPHEN STILLS

"Mr. Policeman"

Please Mr policeman
Don't pull me over on this road
It is a free way there's no way to go
There's an 18 wheeler beside me
Everyone else is going on faster
And there's a war I could be
Nowhere to go

Now you got me wondering
What on earth am I doing wrong
Or do you need me to get out of the way
My old car she doesn't go so fast
But look at her ain't she sweet
She likes speed lover just like me

Don't bring that dog up sniffing around
Scratch the paint I don't know
What I caused the police
And I try my best to keep it clean but
You just know ever know
What you might find under the seat

I'm not gonna lie you get me sweating
And my heart skipped that beat
Come on and please let me up
Please Mr don't be confused
Think I want to try a knock
Don't get mistaking
I'm acting gently sir