"The Girl On The Mountain" lyrics - STEVE EARLE

"The Girl On The Mountain"

There's a girl up on the mountain I once knew
I let her go and now I'm sad and blue
But sometimes late at night I pray
She'd come down to me some day
But the girl up on the mountain never knew

So she gave herself to someone else back then
Thought I'd never see her face again
I found a new love of my own
Broke my heart and now she's gone
But the girl up on the mountain still remain

I wish I may, I wish I might
Won't every star see the night
A million diamonds up above
Shine down on the one I love

The poets have a thousand tales to tell
Oh, the battle of love it didn't work out well
And me I sleep out right tonight
'Cause here my dream'll hold up tight
But the girl up on the mountain's up at still
Oh, and I love her now, guess I always will