"This Is How It Ends" lyrics - STEVE EARLE

"This Is How It Ends"

Turn around and look at how far we've come
Two hearts beatin' like a single drum
Said you'd never lie and I promised I'd never run
Forever wasn't just another word back then
We swore we'd stay together ever after, thick and thin
Now this is how it ends

Guess I should have seen it comin' from the start
Comes to love then fallin' is the easy part
Everybody told me you were only gonna break my heart
Didn't know this lonely was back again
So it's time I find myself a lover and a friend
Now this is how it ends

This is how it ends
If you'd only told me back then
You wouldn't find me in the shape I'm in
Just another fool to trust you again

Dare to tell the tale about a love so strong
Flowin' like a river rollin' on and on
Come around the bend and I looked around but you were gone
Never saw it comin' but you can't pretend
I'ma tell a secret and a lie ain't razor thin
Now this is where it ends

This is how it ends
Have me down dress on a wasted day
Being in the pocket of a vest of gray
That's the way a cheatin' song begins
This is how it ends