"Intro (Decade)" lyrics - STICKY FINGAZ

"Intro (Decade)"
(K. Jones)

Yo, For All The f**ken Niggaz Who Bought This f**ken Album, Its Sticky Fingaz Nigga, Straght up, Yeah F**k You, I dedicate This motherf**ken Album to my motherf**ken nigga, my mentor, my brother, The Nigga That F**ken Put Me On, Jam Master Jay nigga, Love You Motherf**ker, That Nigga Jay Lives On, All My Blessings,???, Im not gonna f**ken mourn his death, I'm gonna celebrate his motherf**ken LIFE!! They Take all our f**ken heroes from us man, everybody, pun.pac.biggie.lisa.aaliyah Jus F**kem! I just can't belive this shit, its f**ken crazy! yo I gotta chil, yo F**K!, aiight I gotta f**ken chill man, DAMN!, Its just f**ked, talkin about the motherf**ken past man, it just f**ken brings me into the f**ken present man, nd I seewhat I gotta do, I see what THE F**K WE GOTTA DO!, for da future! f**k death! can suck me, I swear to god on my f**ken life man, before I die... Im'a build a f**ken empire, we gon call that shit O.P.M, Other Peoples Money!, in the name of all my dead motherf**ken soldiers, They'll Still Live! Goin for the damned nigga, DE UNTOUCHABLES NUGGUH...