"No More" lyrics - STICKY FINGAZ

"No More"
(K. Jones)

Come here girl [laughter]

No more stunts no more lies
No more bitches in my ride
No more allnight parties I leave it behind
No more freaks live and try
No more drama in the life
From now on its me and my lady just me and my baby

[Sticky Fingaz:]
It starts going on tour the first time
Imagine the thoughts going threw a young rappers mind
Knowing your mine and couldn't give a fuck if you leaved
Things I did its hard for my self to believe
Now that I'm sitting back thinking about smoking these trees
Girl you right I damn near ruined your life
The only one that was there at the end of the night
My vision was wrong, guess what my bitches is gone
And you don't want me now, that's why I'm flipping this song
Ignoring my calls dayly, fuck is you trying to scare me?
Talking to your machine you acting like you don't hear me
Thuggin it out to much I think it's a wrap
Sending you gifts but god damn you sending them back
Killing myself like I ain't got know prize
Seeing your your face every time I close my eyes
Damn girl don't let this be the end of the ride


[Sticky Fingaz:]
I've been around the world and seen the best of woman
Bitches loving my style I guess it's the thug in them
I'm just living my life with no time to talk to them
Tired of dissing my wife cuz niggaz we all do it
Hoes calling my cell you cursing about crazy
Got to know that you hate me probably ready to snake me
Like pulling up to the club one night
In my benz with your friends and about to get right
Them birds they got nerve filling my mouth with words
Telling you that I don't car all night they in ya ear
Fuck wat am I suppose to do I'm miles away from home
Heard in your voice your feelings over the phone
Them nights we had fights I tried to keep it calm
Throwing my shit outside on the front lawn
I ain't want when I had you now I need you that your gone (damn girl)


Just me and my lady

Just me and my baby