"Psycho Messages" lyrics - TECH N9NE

"Psycho Messages"
(Don Juan)

Hey Tech, It's Whitney, just woke up. I'm just calling to see if we're still on for today. Call me, let me know, bye

[Tech N9ne]
That's my bad bitch, that's my bad bitch

Hey, baby, it's me, Whitney! I called earlier to confirm our plans for today. Just call me back and let me know. 666-0666

[Whitney (Tech N9ne)]
You know what, Tech?
(She got some partnas!)
You're so incon-fucking-siderate
(Hold up, hold up!)
You could've called and said "fuck you" or something
(What's that?)
This is the type of shit I'm talking about!
(*laughs*) (Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up!)
I only have one question: You think I could ever make you hate me?
(This bitch is trippin'.) (*laughs*)
OK, I tried being nice, and I tried being sweet. Fuck that! You're probably out with that bitch of yours, you stupid asshole!
(Can you believe this biitch?)
(Who she talking to?)
You think I'm stupid, don't you?
(Who do you think?)
If you think I'm mad now, don't let me see your wife walking down the street by herself... [inaudible]

[Tech N9ne]
Hold up, hold up

[Fades to Psycho Bitch]