"Real Killer" lyrics - TECH N9NE

"Real Killer"

*phone ring*
-It's me
-What's wrong?
-I'm just gonna say I'm due in October!
-Ahh sshh...

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I was kicking it with this chick for a minute
She picked me to hit it, real stiffly I sitted
He spit then we quit it
Then I told her to miss me and splitted
Quickly I lit it up, no problem to get it up
Then she called and said she needed me to help her get rid of what?!
A baby! She said she wanted me to kill it
No evidence, blood - Don't spill it
I'm saying at first, I didn't feel it
But then I started to ponder on what was coming up yonder
A baby by a fling made days seem really somber
So we both were in agreement, the baby I seen it
Thinking of killing it made me almost fall to the cement
This ain't a job I can do myself, I ain't got the brain for this
So I called a homie in Kansas who was trained for this
He said the way I rap and make skrill for a living
He said he kills for a living
For the grip span, he's a hit-man
So I paid him a fee, he told me what date it would be
Me and her was down, but I really don't think the baby was G
So we three road to Kansas, baby probably thinking we scandalous
Can't even walk and we band his life
Man is trife, walked in and he told us to relax
I sat and he took her and baby to the back
Before I came I smoked some dope to calm me
They came back and she was baby-less and she was looking like a zombie
Baby gone (Baby gone)
Were we wrong? (Hella wrong)
Gotta move on (Gotta move on)
Let it alone (Yeah)
I dropped her off but she didn't hate me for killing the baby
She said she still wanted to date me, crazy!
I'm riding and I'm thinking "Why?!"
I took a life but I ain't tweeking
I know God probably thinking I should die!

[Hook: Tech N9ne]
Real killer (That is me!)
Real killer (That is me!)
Real killer (That is me!)
This is what you call a what?!
Real killer (That is me!)
Real killer (That is me!)
Real killer (That is me!)
I don't really give a fuck!
Real killer (That is me!)
Real killer (That is me!)
Real killer (That is me!)
Know that ain't nobody iller!
Real killer (That is me!)
That-is-me, that-is-me (Mass murderer)
That-is-me! (Natural born killer)

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
A couple of years later, I'm creeping with this chicklet
Little thick chick, hit it raw and gave her triplets
I need to learn to hold my liquid
So I called my man in Kansas City, Kan
I told him I needed him to do it again
After he put 'em away, I asked him
"Homie, how could you be so raw?"
He said to me "How could YOU be so raw?!"
We scattered, one year later I splattered in the same chick
She wanted to have it, but I made her do the same shit
So I murdered five kids of mine
I'm 'bout to sit in hell a lifetime bid for mine
'Cause of abortion (No more)
Abortion, now it's blown out of proportion
Insane... Never again