"Introduction" lyrics - THE BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN


[Show M.C.:] "Right about now I'd like to bring you a cat straight from the Chocolate Milky Way. his name is James Wesley Jackson. Give him a nice round of applause".

[J.W.J.:] Thank you, thank you. Here to back up one of the finest groups, is the Horny Horns and on drums we have Frank Waddy - Sagitarius.
On the keyboard - Razor Sharp.
On bass, Cherokee.
On guitar, Blackbird.
We also have Maceo.
And we have Kush -a Leo- the leader and Nick.
So we proudly present at this time truly the funkiest ladies on earth, Dawn and Lynn.
Would you welcome...
The Brides of Dr. Funkenstein.

We are the Brides of Dr. Funkenstein [3x]