"War Ship Touchante" lyrics - THE BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN

"War Ship Touchante"

Warship Touchante
You have invaded the domain of the protectors.
Do not move!
You have violated the rhythmatic movements of times and spaces.
You are hereby under mental and physical arrest.
And you are hereby in contempt of funk!!!!!!!!!!
Say brothers, you're required to dance the dance of sensitivity, you know?
Handle it!!!!!
Dance Touchante!
Wouldn't you like to dance with me closer, wouldn't you sir?
The ultimatum, the ultimate ultimatum, is to funk or walk!
May we board you?
I don't think you heard me.
May we board you?
Dancing, dancing... dancing, dancing [7x]

What's happening. Washington?
Are you ready to party?

You can fly so lift your spirit high or you can walk alone.
So take a ride, I'll show my world to you. and we can get along.

Light years at a time, in and out the black holes of your mind.
Down the upper atmosphere.

Touchante [4x]
May we board you
Touch it!!

Lower contamination shields.
Funk phasers stand by.
Warship Touchante.

We are one nation under a groove.
A dancing party of sisters beam down to assist you in the steps required to dance the dance of sensitivity.
The ultimatum is to funk or...walk

Light years at a time, in and out the blackholes of you mind.
Love lift your spirit.
Let love lift your spirit. [6x]