"Mic Check" lyrics - THE CLICK

"Mic Check"

[E-40 talking:]
Testing testing one two
Te testing testing one two
Testing testing one two
Te testing testing one two
Muthafuckas don't understand how we do it check game

I take a slow beat,and do a fast rap
I'm not a mark simp trick or a punk sap
I bust the lyrics so quick you must admit my rhymes on hit
You know that nigga from the click
The one that be talkin all that shit
So take a puff of the potent dank
While I make yo ass thank
Then go mobbin through the town on a full tank
Crank up the beat
Voicetress, make that shit throb
Stick yo head out the window and say whats up sahob

I take a slow beat, and bust a slow rhyme
You see the motherfuckin dank will do it all the time
It gets me in the mood (in the mood) that is so relaxed
Stalking with gen and then I gotta tax
So now I'm on baby with the top down
Reload pound, call Legit a cock hound
And I'm looking for a bitch that's known foe
I heard she could blow, I wanna hook her at my studio

That's right, fool its the calvary
So don't be mad at thee
We spittin that good stuff on the mic for a salary
My name is E-40 and I'm known as a hill billy
Straight from the Hillside of the V

[B-Legit:] I'm having money
[E-Feezy] I got my feddi on
[B-Legit:] I'm popping con

Just to fuck with your dome, like right about now
You should be saying "dude kinda tight though"
But let me hush before I start up a fight you know

As far as funk man I think you autta not (autta what?)
Even attempt to run up you'll get taught (that's right)

[B-Legit & E-40]
By some chitterling eating hog maw
Niggas that be beating down fools putting suckers to sleep

We walks around stage looking heck of Humongous
Rappers step up and get pilled like a sun kiss
We them fools that you've been hearing about The Click
The word on the streets is that we comin up too quick
Some might think I'm slanging yola, icecream,candy see but
They done fucked around and let us blacks make money legally
Now it's gotten to the point to where its really uncontrollable
40 takes advantage of the rap game gullible

[E-40 talking:]
Testing testing one two
Te testing testing one two
Testing testing one two
Te testing testing one two

I take a slow beat, like I did at first
'Cuz I'm still with the bitch in the first verse
She's down on her knees, and I'm on the dank
I would stop pluggin but you know I can't (can't)
Never been down with O.P.P without money
So hear this shit here honey
I know you got mail, it's close to the first
You should have a fat ass knot in your purse (that's right)
So once you start nuttin get a Jackson
Then for me, you always get action

And fuck a tore up ass hoochie with a withered ass coochie
See a nigga in boosey, then wanna give up the pussy (heyyy)
I tell a bitch in a minute check game ho I'm po
And I ain't got no motherfuckin cash flow (that's right)
Never would furnish a ho, ride her around in some limo's
And buy her things that contempo
Fuck that, that ain't my forte
That there part of the game, I don't play
Tweek off my tounge rolling up zags getting twisted
The form of speach that I be spittin is unlisted
I fucks with game unposted timex Carlos Rossi
I got??? bank but unlike Ted Dibiase
I'm not a nothing ass nigga, just down for my riches
I wairs big Britches, don't hang around snitches
Serious about my motherfucking capital (capital)
Oozy wipping those who take me practical

[E-40 talking:] You know
[Mugzy talkin:] He a fool with that one

C-L-I-C-K in this motherfucka (testing testing one two)
E-40 alias Mr Flamboyant (Testing testing one two)
1992 Magazine street my sahobs, wassup hillside
(Testing testing one two)