"Sohabs" lyrics - THE CLICK


They say we was ahead of our time
Quiet as is kept
They said the streets wasn't ready yet
But now did we fret?, nopa
That just made us come much much doper
The distributors dissed us
They say the vulgar and language
Was way too vicious
Man they was way outta line for that
They took in all these rappers that was hella wack
Now, folks would you pop to this?
Pertaining to The Click having the gift to spit?
You gots to be original man with hecka game
You can't be lame, what's a rap without the slang
Would you look would you vision
Take the tape into the room and then listen
While your palms getting to sweating with tension

(Yeah, check this part out though, look here, yeah)

The Click is straight tight like the mob
We don't say the word "friends," we say "Sohabs"
And that's on the gooch my pal
You'll be bumping this here cut till' it goes out of style
Ah, groovy, lovely, soothing
I wish a brother would sit up there and say The Click ain't happening
Sold a bunch of units underground
They was bumping 'Let's Side' in every town
But now, some of that there 'Tired of Being Stepped On'
Waited six months for the tooth fairy
But now, we didn't need your ass anyhow Jerry(Heller)
Coming off fast is my gimmick
But on this one I guess I'll go the speed limit
The Click timid? Never could be
You see the game's extended
We got the zaniest form of slang
The style's unorthodox, putting failures to shame
Now watch the flow
This here style will grow on you my friend presuming so
Be on the lookout for billboards top 10 popping the most
Brought to you by The Click, you know that crew from the West Coast
Fiending for a fix, this funk won't hurt, come get you a dose
You know, some people call me federal
Trying to knock my hustle 'cause I'm all about my capital
And yes, oh, I'm at this
With so little time to practice
I got a show in Boise, Idaho

[Suga T:]
The party should be jumping and bumping, It's on
I'm pumping up the crowd, groovy, I'm known
Tap, slap, watch ya back be at this mack pace you see
That's the perfect example from the Suga T
But now, I'm doper than the average partier see
At this, crackin the microphone, see G
My sohab, be seen, and neat and clean
I know your mug is on, but don't be mean
E-40 my brother is coming at you like a silence sounder
No joke, he's dope and I can say it louder
It's a fine thing according to The Click crew
A right hand sister thing, I though you knew
That's game, game as in G-A-M-E
Everybody needs to know about the Suga T
Jumpin' and stompin' and pumpin,' no joke
Never ever in your life should you slang dope
I don't smoke dank, I can't, it make your breath stank
(What else it do) It make your brain think late
You never could catch Suga T out of pocket
Sippin' on an Olde E I can't knock it

Don't try and play us out of socket lil' old punks
I tell it's very seldom that you catch us in a slump
Jealous punks don't like us but they know we got the bump
I can't figure out why these fools want the funk
Get ya money on, do ya own thing
Stop worrying about E-40 and The Click crew mayne

We don't say the word "friends" we say "sohabs" [2x]

[DJ Premier:]
For all my brothers that don't recognize what the word "sohabs" means
It means friends

Ah, groovy, lovely, soothing [4x]

Now folks would you pop to this?, pop to this[4x]

C-L-I-C-K in this baby boy