"Surmount All Obstacles" lyrics - THE FALL

"Surmount All Obstacles"
(Smith, Scanlon, Hanley)

You must retreat into mysticism
To find an origination.
Locate the base enclave,
Surmount all obstacles.

Heinz is guilty,
He says "Look, I let the shot go by accident. I'm a black belt."
His face is full of ex ex ex ex-cruelty. Guilt.
Blue-eyed. A caring sharing man.
Embarrass them into extinction.

Must he retreat into mysticism,
Or locate the base and climb?
Surmount all obstacles.

It must have taken [?]
Hours and hours, that
What an interesting article
Das Judy und das Judy
Are the cobwebs on your kitchen cuticles

Heinz is guilty
On the borders of your imagination.