"Symbol Of Mordgan" lyrics - THE FALL

"Symbol Of Mordgan"
(Smith, Scanlon, Hanley)

[JP:] Craig, you've been to see Manchester City. How was it?
[CS:] Er, grim.
[JP:] Grim? Really? Well once again, you see, because people always assume that I've got loads of technology available to me here and lots of people rushing about giving me bits of paper like they do on television. In fact I'm Just watching the television so erm...
[CS:] [?]
[JP:] Oh right yeah. Okay go on, tell us all about it
[CS:] Well I mean the first half we were all over them. It's a typical City game, y'know. Ye were like totally outplayed, and they're rubbish anyway, West Ham, it's got to be said. [?] but erm no we were all over them in the first half and I don't know what he puts in the tea in the second half but erm we were like kinda zombies when we came back on. There weren't any good players apart from er Rocastle which I thought was [cut]
[JR:] [?] that one little thing where he sort of...
[CS:] Yeah we do we play lots of football, loads of passing, they play too much football, they're just kind of er... everyone's like looking for a passing opportunity rather than like a scoring opportunity.
[JP:] Not going to go down though, are they, Craig?
[CS:] Er...I don't know. Everyone else in er... everyone else thinks we're gonna go down but they've just like suddenly come out of closets, y'know, they've like discovered their grandfather was a United fanfar.
[JP:] Right
[CS:]...some years back It's like the whole of Manchester at the moment anyway
[JP:] I was told you see, I was always told er the conventional wisdom was that... [cut] that isn't the case any more.
[CS:] Well the true Mancunian is the Man City fan, I find.
[JR:] [laughs]
[CS:] I mean they're all reds really aren't they and er... [cut]
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