"High Fashion Queen" lyrics - THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS

"High Fashion Queen"

There's a place everyone of us can go to
Maybe you have been there once or twice
Where all your friends just look at you and whisper
And they want to give you nothing but advice.

When you walk in they all know what you're after
And the higher that you get the more they'll see
In a dark room filled with music, wine and laughter
Your eyes keep searching for her constantly.

Is it that one in the corner with her eyes filled with tears?
Or is she the one who's having fun drinking too much beer?

Every night it's the same sad old procedure
The doorman winks at you on your way out
'Cause deep inside he knows... turnin'
And he's got something you can't live without.

There's nothing new that can be said about dirt
And there's nothing left inside your heart but the same old hurt.

Of an old love's fancy life has left you stranded in a dream
Ain't you glad you're a high fashion queen?
Ain't you glad you're a high fashion queen?