"Arcade Queen" lyrics - THE RUBINOOS

"Arcade Queen"

I just got beat at a game of pong and I was feeling sore
I turned around and kicked a pinball machine
And said I wasn't coming here anymore
But then wham, my frown was erased
Bam, when I saw her face
Ding dong she tilted me
And when I looked in her eyes all I could see was the

Arcade Queen
You'll find her anywhere there's a pinball machine
She the Arcade Queen And she's a quarter droppers dream

She said she needed a Foosball partner and I said well sure I would
Dressed in one of those satin jackets
Her game wasn't all that looked good
But then wham, so very suddenly
Bam she had her arms around me
Tilt signs appeared in my eyes
And when she started to kiss me I lit up inside for my


How does she make you feel?
She's a quarter dropper's dream
Yeah, but how's she make you feel?
Like ten free games on a pinball machine


Talking about the arcade
I met her at the arcade
Ooh what a girl what a girl yeah