"Drivin' Music" lyrics - THE RUBINOOS

"Drivin' Music"

Driving around with the music up loud now
That's what I love to do
Pistons pound right in time with the sound of
Whatever we're listening to
Long as the wheels keep turning 'round
Long as our luck doesn't run down
If you want to find us, here's where we'll be found

I come alive (with Driving Music)
I love to drive (with Driving Music)
I come alive (with Driving Music)
And it's the driving sound, that keeps me

Driving around with the windows rolled down and
A friend on either side
Filling the street with a rocking beat
Like a music box on a drive
We don't need to touch the cruise control
'Cause we got it set to rock and roll
We don't ever let the speakers get cold