"Beat The Devil" lyrics - THE STATLER BROTHERS

"Beat The Devil"
(Don Reid)

In the wilderness Jesus stayed Forty nights and forty days The devil came in all his sin Came to tempt even Him. Said I hear tell you're God's Son But you get hungry like anyone So if you're what they've all said Then turn these rocks Jesus to bread. By the Word of God man was shown He can't live by bread alone Jesus said it's written down The devil lost the first round. The devil took Him to the temple roof Said Son of God I want some proof If you've got Angels to see you through Then jump down Jesus I bet they'll catch you. Jesus said Scriptires record Thou shall not tempt the Lord Look it up it's written down The devil lost the second round. Up on this mountain far as you see All these things I'll give to thee If you'll fall down on your knees Jesus Christ and worship me. It's written down He said again Worship God and only Him The devil left and the Angels came He beat the devil at his own game. He beat the devil at his own game...