"The Brave Apostles Twelve" lyrics - THE STATLER BROTHERS

"The Brave Apostles Twelve"
(Don Reid)

Jesus had many disciples to help him spread the word
But most of them left him, because they just didn't have it
And the only way to get it is for God to give it to you
So he was left with twelve, eleven good man and one devil
But the ministry had begun, things were starting to build
Jesus and the pray for passes twelve

Simon Peter, Andrew, James and Phillip, Thomas, Matthew
Bartholomew and Simon, Judas, Judas, James and John

Andrew go and tell your brother Peter to come a runnin'
Tell him the one he's waitin' for is waitin' for him
The two He calls the Son's of Thunder quit their jobs this mornin'
And for eternal revenue Matthew is cashin' in

Phillip tell Bartholomew there's somethin' good from Nazareth
They've never met but Jesus seems to know him through and through
And Thomas, he'll go with you don't you doubt it for a minute
James the less and Judas and the zealot Simon too

Simon Peter, Andrew, James, Phillip, Thomas, Matthew
Bartholomew, Simon, Judas, Judas, James, John

Travelin' round from town to town preachin' gets expensive
So they took along some women who took along some wealth
And the twelfth one was chosen to be their trusted treasure
Would you believe Judas Iscariot himself

Next Sunday mornin' when your mind starts to wander
And that Pulpit prayer gets long and you start thinkin' 'bout yourself
Ask in heart if you would part with family, friends and money
And leave it all for Jesus like the brave Apostles twelve

Peter, Andrew, James and Phillip, Thomas, Simon, Matthew
Bartholomew and Judas, Judas, James and John and you