"Edible Paper" lyrics - THE TRAGICALLY HIP

"Edible Paper"

Edible paper
Makes it right
Puts you in all the old plots
The old costumes the old settings
To when the famous had a mysterious will
And animals were taking over
And the elephant heart
Has the ending of the will
Everything was open opened opening
But that's the extent of the beginning
Of the road when it starts
The strangely blank before I see you the awards
Bastic stand
Best lie
Most likely to live forever
Most likely to survive the coelacanth
A strangely blank given the size of the unknown world
Like before the comet from earth
Built till it had to happen
The big so what
The folding of the sugar and the toy violence
And your hot is hot and its all crazy legs
And hauling entertainment
Flying above the charts
And girls fainting man
But those days are over
At least for today
This is the tele-trans
Not news
Titles change
Chandeliers fall
Everything's a gun in the wrong war
And no one's excused
The tourists with coolers still love the bare act
Man plays dead under the massive passive swaying head
Praying for soul
Hopefully instead
Giant claws raking the snow
It'd be pretty if it wasn't so frightening
But the tourists with coolers get up to go
We're drawn to stories
And fragments
We don't trust anyone
Who doesn't trust anyone you know
We'd love you in the centre of the outbreak
But we'd prefer to be killed by people