"What's Umm Mean?" lyrics - THE TRAGICALLY HIP

"What's Umm Mean?"

Love it occurs
Way back in the back
Furtive look
Getting the book on one another
As the eye opener
And the fireman's fireman
And the good old mayor of Paris
And the mayor of Paris' brother
Another looks
At the peak from the last
Tip of the cup
The time isn't as of the essence as it once was
The I think I know what I'm doing do you?
What do you think you're doing
Or do you?
Are you doubtless of where
Your sun is grey
Till you're Septemberised
Dismally real
Come stay with me
And we'll wake and bake
Though no one recommends it
We'll feel
A stay
In our room
Like innocents abroad
We'll share the same face
Till the day ends at
When the sun is no better or worse
It doesn't claim to help
It works
There's always mine colour too
And you can't hope for much
The odd startling thing
Do you suffer?
Have you ever suffered?
What does umm mean?